Netro Whisperer

The Solar Outdoor Plant Sensor

Enjoy all these amazing features of Netro Whisperer

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Study your soil type

Learns characteristics of your irrigation system

Monitor real-time environmental conditions

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Pairing with Netro Sprite, Spark and Pixie

Whisperer keeps your Sprite, Spark and Pixie updated with your garden’s real-time status, helps them to set up a better, more accurate watering schedule, and notices abnormal sprinkler behavior.

Whisperer – Your Little Helper in Garden Care.

Getting to Know Your Sprinkler

Different types of sprinkler heads often have distinct watering patterns. Netro can recognize the patterns and make the best use of all of your sprinkler system. Netro accurately measures the water capacity and how fast water passes through your soil to make sure your soil always receives the perfect amount of water at the perfect time.

Understanding Soil Types of Your Garden

Soil holds water. Water passes through sandy soils quicker than others and they do not retain water well. Silt creates smaller pores in the soil and retains water better. Clay soils have a tremendous capacity to hold moisture and tend to drain slowly. Your soils are rarely pure sand, silt or clay but rather a mixture of all three. They can be grouped into one of 12 textural classes based on the relative proportions of these particles. Fortunately, you don’t need complicated research to determine your soil type. Netro accurately measures the water capacity and drainage rate of your soil, making sure your soil always receives the perfect amount of water at the perfect time.

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Completely Wireless

Wirelessly collects soil and air information to analyze on the cloud server.

Plant Sitter

Notifies you when your plants need special attention.

Keeping Track 24/7

Records information of sunlight, temperature and moistures level of your soil.


Whisperer also works as a standalone plant sensor. You can use it without a sprinkler system, and it is the best tool to learn the ideal conditions for plant growth.

Saving Energy

With its solar-powered design, changing batteries has become a thing in the past. Whisperer charges on its own and can last for 2 – 4 weeks of operation before the next charge is needed.

A True Moisture Sensor

Whisperer is built to be durable. Whisperer knows all types of soil and performs well in the extremely wet conditions.

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Functional and Beautiful

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