1. Test the functionality of your irrigation system with your current controller first. If it does not work, please make sure it is repaired before installing the Sprite.

 Note: If you are not sure about the condition of your sprinkler system, you might want to check whether there are shorted zones or open zones. You just need to use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the common wire and each zone. The normal reading would be 20-60 Ohms. If the reading is less than 10 Ohms then you might have a shorted circuit in the solenoid and if it is larger than 80 Ohms you might have an open circuit. Please contact us or irrigation professionals for additional support.


2. Unplug the power of your current controller.


3. Take a photo of the wiring in your old controller. When you are wiring Sprite, this photo can be the reference.

4. Remove your current controller.



1. Check the strength of the WiFi signal at the location where your Sprite will be installed.
We recommend a signal of at least 2 bars on your phone.

Note: Sprite is unable to connect to Wireless-B(11Mbps) routers. Sprite only supports the newer standards, namely Wireless-N,Wireless-G and Wireless-AC. Sprite is incompatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Also, please make sure the SSID (name of your home Wi-Fi) does not contain special characters like spaces or quotation marks.


2. Remove the front cover from the base.

3. Install the Sprite base to the wall using the two screws included. Use the air bubble to position horizontally.


4. Reconnect the wires to the terminals on the base.

   1. Use the picture of the wires on your old controller to help you remember.
   2. The slot named “M” is for the master valve or the pump. In some controllers it is named as “PMV” or “P/MV”. If you do not have a master valve or a pump, you can leave this "M" slot unconnected.
   3. If the old controller has only one common wire, you can connect it to either one of the “C” slots and the other “C” slot will sit empty.
   4. If you want to use your old power adaptor which has a ground wire, you can leave the ground wire open.
   5. If the old controller is connected to a rain sensor, you do not need to connect the sensor wires because your Sprite obtains weather information from the WiFi network.

If you are not sure about the wiring, please send the picture of the wiring in the old controller to Our customer service will provide quick support.


5. Put the front cover back on the base.


6. Plug in the power. Wait for 1-2 minutes, the light will be blinking slowly (once every second). If the light is stable or blinking fast (twice every second), press the RST button.

7. The network of your Sprite will be in its HOST mode (you will see a WiFi network named "Netro_lRC_xxx"). Please do not connect your phone to this Netro_lRC_xxx network right now. You will be asked to do so in step 8.

8. Download the free Netro app and start to configure.

Search for "Netro sprite watering" on Google Play and App Store.


Weather Data

Once your Spark is added to your account through the Netro app, the Netro cloud server automatically acquires the local weather data for adjusting the watering schedules.


-Change Providers

By default, your Spark is connected to DarkSky for weather data. You can change it to a different weather source in the Netro app->Settings->Controller->Weather Provider.


Smart Zone

Your Spark optimizes the watering schedules based on weather conditions and watering regulations. You can select the Smart level for each zone in the Netro app->Settings->Zones->Smart Zone.


Your Spark automatically creates smart watering schedules based on moisture level and watering regulations. User programs will be skipped based on local weather conditions.


No smart watering schedules will be created and you need to setup user programs in Settings->Programs. Your Spark skips user programs based on local weather conditions and watering regulations.

The LED Light

The LED light on your Sprite has three possible statuses:

Blinking slowly (on for a second and off for a second): this means the unit is in its HOST mode. This happens when you first plug in your Sprite or reset it, and indicates that it needs to go through the setup steps in the app to connect to a home WiFi network.

Solid: this means the unit is connected to your home WiFi.

Blinking quickly (on for 0.5 second and off for 0.5 second): This happens when you first set up your unit and did not enter the correct password, or whenever it loses its connection to the Netro cloud server.


The Reset Button

The reset button is located underneath the cover and is next to the AC adapter wiring slots. It is marked RST. You will need a pin or long, thin object to press the button.
Short press: to reset your Sprite to its HOST mode, simply press the button once for less than 1 second. Your Sprite should start blinking slowly in a few seconds.
Long press: to reset the unit to factory settings, hold down on the button for 6-8 seconds. Wait for 1-2 minutes, the light on your Sprite should start blinking slowly.