Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-07-27 03:11:26 UTC
If you want to skip smart schedules on the "schedule" page, please click the schedule, then select "skip all zones". If you select "skip this zone", Netro may water other zones on that time. 
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Daniel Schoonover
2020-07-27 13:09:56 UTC  
And that is what I did. Yet the system still watered. 8 have screen shots showing all if this. The system still watered.

Netro Inc
2020-07-28 06:32:36 UTC  
On which particular day? We found it works on 26th, but not on 25th. On 25th (and many other days), we found all schedules have ! symbols which indicates your device didn't confirm the schedules are executed or not to our server. This is usually caused by network issues. Could you check if your network connection is stable? If not, the controller may fail to get the latest schedules. If the device is offline, it will executed the schedules stored locally, which may be out-of-date.

BTW, if you want to send screenshot, you could send us email

Daniel Schoonover
2020-08-02 01:54:11 UTC  
I work from home so I know how my internet service is. I rarely of every have issues with my service. Also I haven't seen any issues with exclamation points since those days. I need to email you for another reason since my moisture sensor has completely stopped working after only 3 months.