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My zone is leaking water even when it’s not running.

Updated at 2024-06-12 03:11:04 UTC 
What should I do? Water is leaking out of my zone 5 only when they aren’t being used creating giant puddles in my yard. Any help?
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Where to see Whisperer data collected in the Netro App ?

Updated at 2024-06-07 09:01:29 UTC 

Where to see Whisperer data collected in the Netro ?

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My New Whisperer 2 doesn't switch on

Updated at 2024-06-12 16:24:26 UTC 

My New Whisperer 2, after worthing fine for 2 days connected in the garden, now doesn't switch on any more, even after USB charging (showing full charge green light near the USB socket). It's offline and nothing happens when pushing the power button once, for 3, 5, 10, 25, 30 seconds.

What do you think ?

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Pixie Hose Faucet Timer

Robert Greenwood
Updated at 2024-06-06 22:42:03 UTC 
When I put a fully charged battery in the timer, the white light comes on. I press the button to try to link with the WIFI router, nothing happens. I never see a white flashing light. If I press the button again a steady red light comes on. I have another Pixie and it links quickly with the router and works well so I know the WIFI router is working well but it never sees the water timer that is not working. 
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Water timer pixie

Anne McNamara
Updated at 2024-06-06 19:53:04 UTC 
How do I lengthen the duration from 60 minutes to longer
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Rainbird R Van rotator

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2024-06-04 19:09:06 UTC 

Hi there 

I would like to know what kind of sprinkler I have to set up in the app if I am using Rainbird R Van rotator 

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Shut off one zone

Updated at 2024-05-31 04:05:40 UTC 
I have a broken irrigation and would like to turn off that one station until I fix it.  How do I do that?
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Javier NM
Updated at 2024-05-12 06:36:42 UTC 
How could I mark those articles or questions that present a special interest for me (something like my "preferred topics")? Some time after reading them, I see it hard to locate in the database. Thank you.
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Waters too much

Updated at 2024-04-17 04:34:42 UTC 
I inputted my own program. I want it to water the durations I entered.  It doesn't.  How can I turn the so called smart feature off?
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Javier NM
Updated at 2024-05-12 06:32:07 UTC 
Is there an article explaining the different watering modes of smart watering, more that the one line info on the menu? I am looking at information like levels of humidity pursued, depth of watering, or circumstances under which each mode is recommended.  Thank you
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Pixie Z1 Battery Drain

Passawit Kaovilai
Updated at 2024-05-12 03:01:25 UTC 

One of my Pixie Z1 is after months of use is having abnormal battery drain where a 100% battery to dead within 3 days. Is this something warranty would cover?

I've replaced 3 sets of AA batteries now within a week or so.

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One of my Netro device can’t open the valve.

Bowie Xu
Updated at 2024-05-14 08:55:50 UTC 
Topic: General
I connected 3 zones and they were working fine last month. All of the sudden all 3 zones stop to work when I manually run the zones. I tested the voltage using multimeter. It seems the device has no voltage output at all when I run the zone.( I am assuming the correct reading should be about 24V). I tried to unplug/plug to restart the device without any luck. What should I do next?
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Antonio Cordon Rodriguez
Updated at 2024-05-08 18:57:57 UTC 


I have a wishperer sensor in my garden and the measured values, in my opinion, are not correct in the following hours when the garden is watered. I have seen this same problem on other occasions. Is it possible to check it? Thank you very much.

The figure shows an example (the garden is watered at 6am):

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Wafering even when raining

Fabio Silvestri
Updated at 2024-05-07 19:59:22 UTC 

I don't understand the logic behind watering after training. Yesterday and today we had heavy Rain, but the Smart schedule plans to start in 9 hours. In the app I also set to stop watering the day before and after Rain, but that seems to have no effect. Temperatures are low as well, i wouldn't expect watering to start before at least 10 days.

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Can’t get water to work

Ally P
Updated at 2024-05-07 18:45:51 UTC 
I moved into a house with the Sprite 6 system and have it fully set up on my phone, however can’t get the water to actually run. I haven’t touched anything. Any advice?
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Schedule issue

Barbara Williams
Updated at 2024-05-03 17:43:01 UTC 

I have 3 zones. We have had system running for several weeks early in the morning. Yesterday I checked history & found all 3 zones had instead of a green checkmark icon, an orange wifi with red x icon (see photo below). I was able to try "run now", and only zone 1 worked. 

I ended up deleting ALL schedules & did a one time water on zones 2 & 3 & they worked. I made a new schedule for all 3 zones, and this morning i got the orange wifi icon on zone 1, & zones 2 & 3 ran just fine. 

Any ideas?   TIA!

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ElctroValve don't sart

Francesco Merisio
Updated at 2024-05-02 20:19:07 UTC 

Hy, i hava a problem.

When i start a irrigation cycle, only one Valve don't open, but when i start a test cycle from App, the same valve correctly open and start for few second the irrigation.

Why in the ccycke test the same valve it's ok and in the manually start don't go?



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Start external wifi switch

Francesco Merisio
Updated at 2024-05-02 20:15:01 UTC 
Topic: General

Hym I have a main pump that start with a wifi switch. Can I call an action from Netro App that start the pump?

For example, whenI start the irrigation cycle, can i call a rest URL?

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John Zuzula
Updated at 2024-05-02 14:46:09 UTC 
My lawn and plants are dying! Suddenly something has changed and my unit isn't working. I have tried running manually. Zone will start and suddenly stop. I've checked times and nothing has changed there. I have removed and reinstalled the app. No help! Not sure where to go from here.
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Skip watering did not work

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2024-04-17 12:50:29 UTC 

I have the whisperer to avoid watering over 40% humidity, but the system did not skip it

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