Christophe Benoit
Updated at 2020-08-29 17:30:47 UTC

To give more details about my IFTTT experience with Netro :

As you can see by reading the IFTTT log, I asked to water at 6:07 and the start watering event came at 6:42. I asked to stop watering at 6:13 and it was triggered at 7:10, almost one hour after.

Best regards,


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Netro Inc
2020-08-31 02:45:07 UTC  
Dear Christophe,

Thanks for your feedback and I have forwarded your suggestions to our R&D. We will discuss about the improvements of IFTTT.

Netro Support

Netro Inc
2020-09-01 01:58:23 UTC  
Dear Christophe,

Thanks for your great feedback!

Netro's IFTTT API relies on IFTTT's server. IFTTT server works based on polling which could have large latency. We did the optimization to trigger IFTTT server immediately when an event happens. This helps, but IFTTT doesn't not fetch the latest information from our server immediately. They have some learning algorithm to study the behavior and optimize the polling frequency and time. We will contact with IFTTT for more details.

Providing an API is also a great suggestion. Our R&Ds may provide the API in the future. We don't have a fixed time line for now, you could check later in early 2021.

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