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Christophe Benoit
Updated at 2020-09-10 05:56:28 UTC
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I am using the IFTTT event "Schedule". I can then get the information related to a watering schedule when it is finished as expected but "start time" and "end time" are wrong since there are two hours of lag with reality. For example when it actually started at 6:25 am it gives me 8:25 am and same sanction for the end time.

My controller is located in France.

It would be nice if you could fix this issue or tell me how to configure.

Thanks in advance,

Christophe Benoit

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Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-09-11 04:12:00 UTC

Dear Christophe, 

Netro IFTTT returns local time for convenience, where the time zone is determined by your device address. The API returns

1. date: local date

2. start_time: local start time, please use only the time part and ignore the date and time zone part if any. 

3. end_time: local end time, similar with above. 

We have checked the API, it seems OK. For example, you have a schedule on 2020/09/10, from 06:00am to 06:28am, the API returns:

{"device":"Pontaillac ","zone":1,"date":"2020-09-10","start_time":"2020-09-10T06:00:00.000Z","end_time":"2020-09-10T06:28:00.000Z","source":"SMART","status":"EXECUTED","meta":{"id":94827648,"timestamp":1599710400}}

Please note that "2020-09-10T06:28:00.000Z" is not UTC time, only use the "06:28:00" part, although system may add date and timezone part automatically. 

Please let us know if you have more concerns.