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Luis Aguilar
Updated at 2020-10-11 17:47:55 UTC
Topic: Netro App

I have installed Netro Sprite with no sensors (they are not available in Amazon Spain any more).

I have a few questions after my first day:

1. App shows different humidity values for each zone. Where does that info come from if I don't have any sensor?

2. When I click on a specific zone, I don't see any irrigation in the chart.

3. I have a 'fir tree' in my garden, but I haven't found it in the database. In any case, if I have a fir tree surrounded by grass, what should I configure to make sure that both the fir tree and grass are taken into account.

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Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-10-12 02:38:43 UTC

Hi Luis,

1. Netro uses forecast data, actual rainfall, zone specification(soil type, plant type, etc) and other factors to determine the moisture level.  If sensor is associated,  Netro model estimates moisture level of both deep soil and top soil. If sensor is not associated, Netro model estimates moisture level of deep soil.


2. We just checked your account and we found the irrigation data displays on Sunday now. Previously the irrigation data has not been updated.


3. We will update our plant database and add the plant "fir tree" in a few days. We will let you know when it is done. Currently you can select "redwood tree" as a workaround. If you have multiple type of plants in one zone. Usually, it's recommended to use the plant that needs most of waters. For example, if you have shrub, trees and flowers in one zone , it's better to use "flower". This is because tree can survive with more water, but your flower could die without enough water. One exception is Xeriscape, which could die with more than enough water.


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