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Andrea Zorgniotti
Updated at 2021-03-14 07:08:00 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering
Hi, I'm the owner of a Netro 6 channel at my primary home where I use the smart watering function with no program, after 4 years I found the correct configuration and I'm really happy about the complete automation. In my vacancy home I bought a Pixie few weeks ago. I'm afraid the connection could be off when I'm not there. In the last weeks I set a program with 1 day on 5 min and the next off and the smart watering to check the rain and cancel the day raining. I would like to use the Pixie in the complete automation like in my principal home. So my question is what happen if I set only smart watering and then internet go off? Is it scheduled inside the Pixie a sort of program of watering that works anyway and the plant will receive water (even if in not an optimized way)?
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Netro Inc
Updated at 2021-03-15 04:56:17 UTC

Hi Andrea, 

If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, for example the router or the internet service is down, the timer will continue to execute the pre-loaded schedules for up to one month. The default setting of Netro Pixie timer's smart watering is level basic and in this level no smart schedule will be generated. If you want to set only smart watering, please go to Settings->Garden->Smart Zone and set level advanced. 

Please also note that Pixie is connected to the cloud service through WiFi. Because distanced WiFi connection consumes much power, Pixie will go to sleep mode to save power after 5 minutes when it is manually powered on. Every hour it will wake up to check the latest watering schedules.


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