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Updated at 2021-05-24 05:47:22 UTC

Dear Brad,

Currently the controllers are independent from each other.  Multiple controllers are not aware of each other now.

For users who have more than 12 zones, we are thinking about recognizing additional controllers as extensions, not as different units. When adding a second controller, it becomes zones 13-24, the third would be 25-36, etc. In this way, there will be no overlapping of watering times and users can see one schedule for the day and do not need to switch between controllers.

I think one possible workaround it to add restrictions, for example, you can tell one controller to only water on even days and the other one to water on odd days. Or one controller to only water before 7am and the other one only water after 7am.

For new plant,  you can use the "New Plant" mode of smart zone.Please go settings->zones->specific zone number->smart zone-enabled->Mode->new plant.


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