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Updated at 2022-03-21 06:34:54 UTC

Hi Simone,

Could you please check your unit LED light status?

Is the light fast blink, slow blink,  solid light or no light at all?
Please try power cycle the unit first, unplug, wait for two seconds, plug it back, wait for about 2 minutes, see what the unit LED light status.

If the unit is in slow blink, please try reconnect your unit to your home wifi through settings>controller->change wifi network/password.
If the unit is in quick blink, please try below steps to do a reset, then reconnect it to your home wifi:

1.Power off the device(unplug the power adapter)
2.Wait for 2 seconds, replug the power back in
3.Wait for 3 minutes for the device to start up
4.Press the reset button for less than 1 seconds to do a soft reset (use a pin insert to the RST hole button)
5.Wait for 5 seconds. This should set the light to slow blinking.
Then you can go to the Netro app -> settings-> controller -> change wifi network/password.

Please let us know if it works.

Netro Support
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