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Updated at 2022-06-02 08:41:11 UTC

Hi Jacopo,

To save power, Netro pixie timer will wake up every 1 hour to catch up your updated request,  so your request for manual run will be catch up by the pixie when it is wake up. The pending time is less than 1 hour.  This is why you see the timer appears strike-out.

If you frequently use the manaul run in certain time frame and do not want to wait for (less than 1 hour), you can set up a keep online frame (Settings->preferences->keep online). In this time frame, your manual run request will be executed immediately without delay.  However, if your keep online frame is too long, it will consume the battery quickly. 

Could you please let us know this issue "schedules not showing in the schedule page" still happens?



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