Oliver Heise
Updated at 2019-07-07 16:27:52 UTC

I had the same problem. 

The red light normally means that the whisperer needs to be charged.

A couple of hours is not enough. It seems that the solar modul charge with very low voltage. Try it with a couple of days in the sun.

In the moment one of my whisperer is also empty. Unfortunately is is cloudy and raining.... 

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2019-07-07 16:47:30 UTC  
So much for a one hour charge as advertised, haha

2019-07-07 21:24:55 UTC  
Worked like a charm, thanks
Gerardo De Martino
2022-02-10 12:31:53 UTC  
after how many hours of sun exposure?

Gerardo De Martino
2022-02-10 12:30:43 UTC  
we hope so! I also have the same problem! now there are about ten hours of bright sunshine in southern Italy but the light is always red !! Can someone help me and confirm that I still have to insist by keeping the wishperer one more day in the sun?

Cosmin Purice Ionescu
2022-05-10 07:54:57 UTC  
you need to keep it for a couple of days in direct sun in order to charge for the first time. Here is the answer I received from netro support:

"The sensor has been kept in the box for long time and is currently completely out of power.
It will need more time to charge. Please leave the sensor under direct sunlight for about 3-5 days. Then press the power button again.

If you have incandescent light bulb at home, you can also leave the sensor charge under incandescent light."