Updated at 2019-09-05 19:19:14 UTC

Dear Derrick, 

I found only one sensor under your account with name "Drip sensor", and it works normally. Could you re-install the sensor again if you have deleted it, such that we can check its details? Please make sure your sensor is not too far from you routers. You could press the reset button twice to make Whisperer sensor report a data immediately. If it's our product's problem, we will ship a replacement to you. 

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2019-09-06 12:42:30 UTC  
I added the sensor back to my account and forced a report, I'll let you know if it reports again.

2019-09-06 15:55:32 UTC  
So far so good... Strange

2019-09-07 22:11:39 UTC  
It's not working again, it worked for a day and just stopped reporting again.

2019-09-17 12:01:25 UTC  
It hasn't reported in 2 days now