Daylight savings

Craig Neidle
Updated at 2019-11-13 18:34:27 UTC
Topic: Connected Home

My sprinklers are starting 1 hr past when they are programed due to daylight savings ending.

I would have assumed the clocks changed with the clock on my phone but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

Haow can i change this? 

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Netro Inc
Updated at 2019-11-14 08:23:03 UTC

Dear Craig, 

Could you provide more details about your problem? The daylight saving ended on last Sunday (Nov 11), and our system have taken care of it. Everything should be fine. 

We have checked your profile. Typically, Netro adds smart schedules on 4:00am and later when necessary. For example, there are two smart program for today (11/13) from 4:28 to 4:38 and from 5:08am to 5:17am for zone "backyard2". Netro Sprite device is expected to water your backyard twice this early morning on 4:28am/5:08am (PDT time). 

Please note that Netro uses your device's local time, not your cell phone's time. These two time may not be identical if you are traveling outside. For example, your device is installed in California, the schedule time is California's local time, even if you are in New York and your cell phone are using New York time. 

We are always happy to help and make you satisfied. The smart schedules seem to be OK for now. If you still have any concern, could you provide us more details? 


Netro Inc