To save newly planted Healing Garden for Homless Veterans I need how to set up a "Test Run" program on Sprite--Netro closed and virus closedown upon us! HELP Please.

Updated at 2020-03-22 00:49:00 UTC
Topic: Troubleshooting

I have a Sprite installed at a healing garden--part of a new transitional home here in Sebastopol, CA  for homeless veterans on which I was the project manager.  However the non-profit team who will bring in the vets has not taken occupancy yet and the wifi will be theirs.  It says in the netro installation that in case of no wifi , it "might work to use the "test run" program on your iphone on the log-in page.  But I cannot see the "Test Run" option  on my iPhone 6S.  

Please help because with the corona virus shut down, Netro is closed and  it could be weeks before I can get to the site to water it manually and all the plants could perish for lack or water!!!

Thanks for any help,  Yohan Morgan.  707/332-3050, USA  cell. 

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Updated at 2020-03-22 01:02:39 UTC

Oh,  Looks like I  may have answered my own question.  

In desperation after writing my question just now, I deleted the app from my phone because I could not get to the log in page because the dumb program (I guess) wouldn't let me do a "Test Run" once I had started setting up the controller but was stuck because I couldn't hook to WiFi 'cause there is none yet.  

But upon deleting the Netro App from my phone and then getting it again from the Apple App Store, now I CAN get to the log-in page and, lo and behold, there is the Test-run button at the bottom of the page!!    Obviously it should be accessible from inside the setup if there is no WiFi available too!!

im not at the site, and it looks like I need to be in bluetooth range so i will go there now (before the lockdown for the virus becomes more total, as many expect) and hopefully it will now work and the landscape will be safe for at least a month.  I will add another answer once I see if indeed it works.  

Yohan Morgan.