Agustin Urdangarin
Updated at 2020-04-15 21:10:57 UTC

Same problem every time wifi restarts (power off, loss of connection)

I used to reset Netro station (blinking lights) until I realize that the problem was the delay between Netro and the WiFi 

Netro try to reconnect while the WiFi is restarting and negotiating...

Let the WiFi finish it’s startup procedure, the unplug the Netro from the outle and plug it again... 5 seconds later the light stops flashing an Netro returns to its normal situation

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Luca Manfrin
2020-04-16 07:50:45 UTC  
I hope it works but I think that when connecction is lost, Netro should re-try to reconnect every 30 minutes AT LEAST.
I cannot stay therein front of my sprinkler station awaiting the router and the netro unit to do slowly their own tasks.

2020-06-06 19:44:07 UTC  
Complete bullshit! Been syncing for 2 hours. Not one connection!!!

2021-08-22 18:43:05 UTC  
My Netro falls off the WiFi almost every day. Have to unplug, replug, then go through the setup process over and over to get it to connect. It'll work for a couple days, then disconnect again. My WiFi is solid and the Netro is close to router. What's going on?