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Carlos Oliveira

Lives in: Fão, Braga, PT
Using: SPRITE-12
Growing: White Crape Myrtle


Solid white light after install - HELP

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-09-26 01:12:04 UTC
Hi Carlos, 

Please following the below steps to do a reset again, see if it works:

  1. Power off the device(unplug the power adapter)
  2. Wait for 2 seconds, replug the power back in
  3. Wait for 3 minutes for the device to start up
  4. Press the reset button for less than 1 seconds to do a soft reset
  5. Wait for 5 seconds. This should set the light to slow blinking.
  6. Then you can go to the Netro app -> settings-> controller -> change wifi network/password.
Please let us know if it helps and you can reply to

Netro Support

2 different water sources

Andrea Merito
Updated at 2020-05-09 15:14:50 UTC

I Carlos,

that I know of.  the master always activates to supply the flow of water to the zones that are activated at that moment.  in addition to the garden system, I connected an area with drip irrigation by installing a valve with flow regulation.


No 2.4GHz wifi

Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-05-17 03:23:14 UTC

Dear Carlos,

Can you try to set your 2.4G WiFi to a different channel? For example, channel 7.


Netro Inc

Netro is live on IFTTT

Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-06-07 09:01:11 UTC
Topic: Connected Home

The Netro service is now live and available for all IFTTT users! Please download the IFTTT app on your phone or use the official IFTTT website to connect Netro with other smart devices or services. For more information, please visit the following webpage:

In case you experience difficulties in using the Netro service on IFTTT, please write to or contact us in the Netro app.   


Netro Inc

Metrosideros (Myrtaceae)

Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-06-05 02:10:51 UTC

Dear Alessandro,

We did some research and the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) contains about 150 genera and 3,300 species of trees and shrubs. You can search for "Eugenia" or "myrtle" to check if it is similar. We can update our plant database and could you please tell us more details about your plants, for example, the botanical name of your plants. Please let us know if you are referring to "Metrosideros excelsa".


Netro Support