Pixie, Smart Hose Faucet Timer (White, US)

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Unlimited Netro cloud service included


Works in United States, Canada and Mexico

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Efficient solar panel 

A 1-day solar charge supports 1 week of operation

Replaceable battery

Battery can be removed and charged from a USB port

Multi-color LED light

Shows the status of the timer and battery

Multi-function button

Manually water without disturbing the programmed schedule.

Wireless connection

Connects with Wi-Fi stably with enhanced 2.4G antenna

Rain/dust resistant

Designed for outdoor use with cold water

Model: Pixie-1 Technical Specifications – Dimensions: 6.5 X 4.3 X 1.9 (inches) – Weight: 16 oz / 450 g – Box contains: smart hose faucet timer, battery, water filter, changing cable, quick installation guide – WiFi: 802.11 N, 2.4Ghz, US / Japan / EU – Operating temperature range :32° to 122℉ / 0℃ to 50℃ – Water pressure: 0.02MPa to 0.8Mpa – Threads: US standard 3/4” GHT (Garden Hose Thread) Warranty – 2-year limited hardware warranty


It is 3/4” GHT (Garden Hose Thread).

WiFi Connection

Pixie needs Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. There are two frequency bands used for Wi-Fi communication: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most modern routers can broadcast on both bands. Pixie only uses the 2.4GHz band because the 2.4GHz has a farther range than the 5GHz. To make sure Pixie is within your Wi-Fi network’s range, the easiest way is to use your phone to test. If your phone is able to detect the WiFi signal, Pixie should be able to connect at the same location.