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Updated at 2021-04-01 06:58:58 UTC

Hi Jim, 

The phone screen symbol means manual watering. 

When Sprite finishes running a watering schedule, it will send a confirmation to the cloud server. In this way, the could server knows whether the schedules are correctly executed or not. 

The exclamation mark means the cloud server did not receive the confirmation from the device. There are two possible causes: 

1. the device is not powered up when it was supposed to be powered up to run that schedule. Therefore, the corresponding zone is not watered (what is why we use the exclamation to alert users) 

2. the schedule run fine but it was during a temporary network outage or exception so that the confirmation cannot be delivered to the server. Wireless connection can be unstable for a short peroid time so it is not uncommon to have a glitch in the communication. 

If the schedules afterwards are all correctly run, it could just be a temporary network issues. But if that happens a lot please check the WiFi signal strength. If you use a WiFi extender, please make sure it is connected to the main router stably.


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Jim Stichbury
2021-04-01 07:56:49 UTC  
Thanks @netro! Am I right in understanding that the when you have the smart zone set to ‘basic’, it might skip something that I trigger manually? And if so, what would the symbol for that be?

By the way; the context for my question above was a little experiment. I was trying to use the pixie as a Fox deterrent as well...

When there is movement in my garden, my Ring device triggers a Alexa routine which gets the pixie to run the sprinkler for 1 minute. For this I have the ‘always on’ mode for a short period throughout the night when the foxes are out. I’m guessing for ‘always on’ mode, the wifi stability is even more critical? Just want to know if it’s running or not.
Netro Inc
2021-04-10 01:36:37 UTC  
Hi Jim,

Sorry for the late reply. In smart "basic" level, no smart schedule will be generated. You will need to add programs manually (go to Settings->Programs to add programs) and Netro will skip programs when there is large amount of rain(>0.2inch/ 5.08 mm) or watering regulations. For more information about Netro smart watering,  here is an article about Netro three watering modes which might be helpful.

When Pixie is online mode, the wifi stability is more critical. Normally Pixie will go to sleep mode to save power after 5 minutes when it is manually powered on. Every hour it will wake up to check the latest watering schedules and report the power percentage.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Netro Support

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