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Updated at 2022-04-06 08:12:38 UTC

Dear customer,

For the standby/offline issue, we will fix it in the next release of the app. We have updated it for you from the server side and please login your account to check if it works now. 

In the default mode, Pixie will go to sleep mode to save power after 5 minutes when it is manually powered on. Every hour it will wake up to check the latest watering schedules and report the power percentage. Therefore, when you start a manual run, the timer is most likely in sleep mode.

If you have to water instantly, you can go to Settings -> Timer-> "Keep Online" and enable the feature. Note the timer may start to keep online the next day and battery consumption will be faster when the timer is in this mode. Please refer to this article for more info:

For the past or scheduled watering times, Netro shows last watered time on the home screen after the watering activities are executed. You can also view watering schedules on Schedule page. 

Please find the user guide through Settings->Support->Pixie Hose Faucet Timer and let us know if you have any further questions.



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