Updated at 2018-06-19 17:51:18 UTC

Netro support two weather sources: darksky and wunderground. Darksky is the default one, if it doesn't work, you can try with wunderground. 

Netro periodically update weather data and re-calculate schedules if weather changes. If forecast data is not accurate, for example, not enough rain on 20th, Netro knows the accurate data later (e.g. 21th) and water more later. 

Currently, Netro adds a system-level constraint: "do not water if the effective rain (rain *probability) is greater than 0.1inch (2.5mm)". The next release of Netro app will allows customers to personalize the threshold. 

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Ken Jennings
2018-06-21 02:22:31 UTC  
As far as weather predicting goes, if the system skips and there is no rain that day or not much, it should water longer the next day. Perhaps your yard is on the dry side and needs some extra watering. That happens to me sometimes. If so, then do a long manual watering cycle and over water your yard It might take a couple of days to catch up to where your yard gets good and green. From that point on, the system should work fine. If you think that rain amount is incorrect, you need to check what the app has with what a rain gauge at your house shows. If the app if off, then check out what you closest WU station shows. If the WU is better, then try switching to it.

Derek Barss
2018-07-09 13:05:13 UTC  
How do we change the default weather app?