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Updated at 2022-08-22 02:52:39 UTC

Dear customer, 

Please follow the steps to do a total reset. 

1.Power off the device(unplug the power adapter) 

2.Wait for 2 seconds, replug the power back in 

3.Wait for 3 minutes for the device to start up 

4.Press and hold the reset button for 8 seconds to do a hard reset 

5.Wait for 3 minutes. This should set the light to slow blinking. 

Then you can go to the Netro app -> settings-> controller -> change wifi network/password. 



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John Degolyer
2024-05-29 02:56:31 UTC  
You need to post these instructions some place where people can get to them.... no one realizes it takes 3 minutes to start up.