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Updated at 2023-04-14 05:40:28 UTC

Dear customer,

By default, Netro skip schedules today and tomorrow if today rains more than 0.2 inch. If the rainfall amount is smaller than 0.2 inch reported by weather provider, Netro will not skip watering. 

The weather report may not be that accurate. If you want try another weather report, please go settings->weather provider. You can switch to other weather providers to see if it works better. You could also try weather provider: Wunderground PWS and input your station ID. 

You can adjust the rain data through Discover page->"+" button on the upper right corner-> Correct rainfall. You could also customized the weather restrictions, like I want to skip the schedules on the day after tomorrow as well, or I want to skip if rain more than 0.1 inch. The setting is in "setting -> preferences -> rain".

To turn off the smart zone feature, please go to Settings->Zones->Smart Zone to turn off the smart zone feature. For more information about Netro smart watering, here is an article about Netro three watering modes which might be helpful. https://netrohome.com/forum/posts/111



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