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This skill needs an urgent update.  There is no way to have Alexa water unless it is all zones or 1 zone at a time.  Have written 3 different watering programs for my 16 zones as not all zones require watering on same day or times etc...however, unlike the Orbit BHyve for example, you cannot have Alexa water Program A for no manual watering of any program via Alexa unless all 16 zones or 1 at a time!  Asking Alexa to water means ALL zones which is not desirable for so many customers.  And my regular 6 zones that require watering at different times is painful by one zone at a time via Alexa.  Smart Watering has proved unreliable with my soil and plant type so not to be trusted and now unused by me. Why on earth can it not be updated to allow for a program to run via Alexa like all the other wifi controllers that are Alexa enabled?  Purchased this only for Alexa capabilities so horribly disappointed.  And why on earth can one not save a manual program WITHOUT a start time?  If it needs a start time it is not manual!  I know there is the Backup program for loosing wifi.  But at this stage it is hard to understand why something so basic in an Alexa Skill like running a program (for specific zones only) has not already been implemented.  Have emailed customer support regarding this several days ago and as yet no response.  Please advise of a way around this.  Help would be appreciated, kind regards

Answer From Wency Pan

Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-08-14 05:40:57 UTC

Dear customer,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused. OurR&D is still looking into it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Netro Support

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Louise Brinkman
2023-08-16 05:16:59 UTC  
Thanks Wendy, appreciate it and look forward to resolving this, kind regards

Louise Brinkman
2023-11-17 21:55:33 UTC  
Hi Wendy, its been 3 months....what's the update? Need this implemented asap so this unit really is Alexa supported and need to run a manual program without a start time...just a run now button..can't be that hard...where are R&D with this? Appreciate help thanks Louise
Wency Pan
2023-11-20 00:49:46 UTC  
Dear Louise,

We have made two modifications to Alexa based on your feedback and you can find the below info:

1.We have removed the pop-up box when user voice outputs a reply.
2.We have recognized "zonaName" in English language commands.
Regarding programs, we currently do not support this feature as Alexa's recognition of program names can be challenging.

Netro program has a start time and end time. However, when users run a program through Alexa, they may want to run immediately rather than waiting for the scheduled program start time.
In this way, the program will be skipped when the actual program time arrives.

We would like to know your preference regarding skipping or continuing watering when it reaches the program time for the day.
Your input is valuable to us.

Netro Support