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Whisperer in the UK

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Updated at 2021-06-08 06:16:38 UTC

Hi Lyndon,

Netro Whisperer sensor is available on our own website, We can ship the sensor directly to you from our UK warehouse.


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Select suitable plants for slope

Netro Support
Updated at 2018-12-13 07:48:53 UTC
Topic: Garden Knowledge

Select suitable plants for slope

Growing plants in some area with slopes may be more difficult than level gardens. A lot of challenging factors should be taken into consideration, for example, the different soil conditions, the sunlight condition, the slope condition, etc. Netro's smart watering would take care of these factors. Please go to Settings->Zones , select your zone and choose your soil type, slope condition and other settings.

The top priority is to evaluate the pitch and runoff. If the pitch is more than 30 degrees, it might be a good idea to terrace the area to prevent topsoil from eroding and all moisture evacuating every time you water or it rains. Once you have solved any moisture retention and erosion problems, it is time to evaluate the site further for exposure and zone, and plan what plants grow on slopes. The types of plants you choose will depend not only on your visual preference and vision but also the needs of the area. Deep rooted plants help stabilize soil, trees add dimension and shade to prevent excess evaporation, and low growing ground covers cover up unsightly areas with ease of care.

Although growing plants on a hillside can be a challenge, once established they can transform the area and help keep soil from slowly weeping down into the flatter parts of the terrain. Taller shrubs and bushes add many seasons of interest and will help give the area a sculpted appeal. Just remember that young plants will need additional moisture, staking and training as they establish. To keep maintenance down, choose plants that produce very little mess which would otherwise require extra work to clean up annually. Some plants that work well on slopes include:

Burning Bush 

Fragrant Sumac 

Japanese Yew 

California Lilac 

Creeping Juniper 

Dwarf Forsythia 



Carpet Cypress

Read more at Gardening Know How: Choosing Plants For Sloping Areas – What Plants Grow On Slopes


Netro Support
Updated at 2020-03-27 02:48:33 UTC

Hi Steven,

We checked your account and you have created your programs with the smart zone feature.  If you do not want smart zone schedules to override your own programmed schedule, you can set up the Smart Zone level from Advanced to Basic(Go to Settings->Zones->Smart Zone), which only skip rainning days for your programmed schedule. 

Netro has three watering modes, please check this article for more information.

Netro Support