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Problem with irrigation time

Daniel Encinas
Updated at 2024-07-12 10:43:36 UTC 
Hello, I have owned a Netro Sprite programmer for several years.

The problem I have is that it programs the phases intelligently and if it indicates that it has to water for 10 minutes. It only waters for about 1 minute but the app shows that it has watered for 10 minutes. The garden is drying out and I don't know what to do.
This happens to me in all irrigation phases. If I program it manually the same thing happens to me. If I try it twice, the second time it takes even less time to water.
I have connected the transformer directly to the phase, bypassing the programmer, and it works correctly.
Reviewing its problems section, I found a similar one in which it says to look at the 24 volt voltage. (which is correct, around 30 volt) and the resistance in ohms of more than 20 (around 30 ohmios). It also says that there the programmer has a recoverable fuse.

What can I do?


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Cannot find master solenoid valve

Updated at 2024-07-06 22:46:35 UTC 
None of the zones are watering when the app says it's watering. I measured each zone when active and each read 28 AC. When testing the resistance, the readings were jumping all over the place for each reading. This is leading me to believe there is an issue with the master solenoid valve. However, there is no wire that connects to the M slot on the controller. Looking around the house for any of the underground boxes, I have not been able to find the master solenoid. Attaching pictures of what I have found. Any help greatly appreciated.
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all connections good but sprite wont open any valves.

Douglas Ely
Updated at 2024-06-29 11:36:11 UTC 
One day, the Sprite just stopped opening the zone valves. We tested and reconnected all the wires and deleted and re-installed the Sprite. Still no luck. Ground is good too. What could be wrong?
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Netro Spark

Juan Manuel Fernandez de Sosa
Updated at 2024-06-22 20:41:47 UTC 

En relación con mi pregunta anterior ya he visto que poniendo el riego nocturno a las 23:30 se acepta, pero si se pone a las 23:59 sale el error. Por lo tanto anulen mi anterior pregunta, aunque me resulta algo extraño que no permita 23:59 siendo el mismo día.


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Netro Spark

Juan Manuel Fernandez de Sosa
Updated at 2024-06-22 20:24:29 UTC 

He instalado mi nuevo Netro Spark. En modo smart produce demasiados riegos en una determinada zona de forma muy constante, y con demasiado tiempo. No me parece nada lógico. Quiero dejar eliminado el modo smart y programar personalmente el riego. Consigo programar un riego de las cuatro zonas que utilizo en un determinado horario de la mañana, pero cuando voy a añadir un segundo riego diario por la noche me da un mensaje "ERROR: Program cannot cross a day".

¿Significa esto que solo puedo programar un riego al día? Muy extraño, mi anterior programador permitía tantos riegos diarios como quisiera simplemente indicando las horas.

Por favor, una solución, porque si solo se puede programar un riego al día no me soluciona nada este dispositivo.


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one zone not opening

Updated at 2024-06-03 16:54:39 UTC 

Has anyone had only one zone not work properly? I've checked my voltages and everything seems to be normal but one of my 4 zones does not operate either with the schedule or manually running the zone. Any tips help cause i'm at a complete loss.

Thanks in advance


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Pump shuts off after 5-10 mins

Vardhan Rajkumar
Updated at 2024-06-01 22:02:36 UTC 


I just restarted my irrigation system after the winter.  I have tried to manually run a zone.  After watering for 5-10 mins the water turns off but the Netro timer still shows watering.

I am trying to determine whether the pump has turned off because the Netro "on" signal stopped or whether the thermal overload relay on the pump circuit caused it to shut off.  

Is there a way I can check which it may be?



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Multiple zones running on Netro Sprite sprinkler system

Updated at 2024-05-27 17:47:14 UTC 

I have three zones that are running at the same time with low water pressure to all three. This is a new problem. Any ideas on hat might be causing it? 

So far I've tried replacing one solenoid, that did not work. I switched the zones in the control box for one of the three zones but the same result when I activated the switched zone. 

I also tried disconnecting one of the zones, and when I triggered it it did not run. But when I triggered one of the zones I left connected, it did run with low water pressure

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Zone Won't Disable

Gary Walloch
Updated at 2024-05-25 20:49:25 UTC 

I have tried to disable this zone in settings, but it will not disable.  If anyone knows a solutions please let me know.


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Pixie Z1 Battery Drain

Passawit Kaovilai
Updated at 2024-05-12 03:01:25 UTC 

One of my Pixie Z1 is after months of use is having abnormal battery drain where a 100% battery to dead within 3 days. Is this something warranty would cover?

I've replaced 3 sets of AA batteries now within a week or so.

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Schedule issue

Barbara Williams
Updated at 2024-05-03 17:43:01 UTC 

I have 3 zones. We have had system running for several weeks early in the morning. Yesterday I checked history & found all 3 zones had instead of a green checkmark icon, an orange wifi with red x icon (see photo below). I was able to try "run now", and only zone 1 worked. 

I ended up deleting ALL schedules & did a one time water on zones 2 & 3 & they worked. I made a new schedule for all 3 zones, and this morning i got the orange wifi icon on zone 1, & zones 2 & 3 ran just fine. 

Any ideas?   TIA!

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ElctroValve don't sart

Francesco Merisio
Updated at 2024-05-02 20:19:07 UTC 

Hy, i hava a problem.

When i start a irrigation cycle, only one Valve don't open, but when i start a test cycle from App, the same valve correctly open and start for few second the irrigation.

Why in the ccycke test the same valve it's ok and in the manually start don't go?



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Timer and sensor data incorrect on PC web browser

Mart B
Updated at 2024-04-21 17:25:05 UTC 


I had to replace a dead timer a while ago, it and my whisperer are working great in my iPhone Netro app.

But ... when I log into my Netro home on a PC, using MS Edge web browser, my current equipment is not there, it has all my old stuff that should no longer exist ... I checked and am definitely logging in as the same account on both iOS and PC. It is very weird.

Is there any way to get this corrected?

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Zone won't start watering

Homestead One
Updated at 2024-04-11 13:58:33 UTC 


For some time one of my zones won't start watering. I have changed the valve with a new one but still won't start watering. 

Any ideas? Thank you! 

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Open Circuit Master Valve

Matt Ward
Updated at 2024-04-08 23:44:05 UTC 


My system is not working. When I run a valve test, it shows all valves are normal but the master valve has an open circuit error. I have checked all the wires and there is not voltage at the wires at the valve itself. I used a volt meter at the Netro controller and there is no voltage coming out of the controller for the master valve. Any suggestions? 



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weather scheduling

Updated at 2024-04-02 21:10:48 UTC 

Hi, Weather condition scheduling never worked and I've been using then Netro product for many years now. Currently both forecast & expectation are set at 0.1 threshold with skip (previous day, rainy day and next day). Weather station is set to NetroWeather and main app page is fairly accurate. Just today, it rained for most of the day and NetroWeather showed correctly "100% rain". Sadly, schedule program started anyway even though it was raining. I have changed weather provider, thresholds and nothing changes. This is very annoying to waste water, and I am looking for any tips how to mitigate this issue.



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My sprite system battery

jeffrey fischer
Updated at 2024-02-18 16:39:36 UTC 

My netro app give me a Notification "Device thirst quencher Low Battery"  

I took the device apart and can see, what looks like, a small battery on the circuit board.  Does this need to be replaced?  And if so, where do I purchase a new one?

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Spark showing error 1 on all solenoids

Mick Faulks
Updated at 2024-02-01 00:40:26 UTC 
My Spark has stopped watering and is showing error 1 short circuit on every solenoid. I have tested each solenoid individually and they all operate disconnected from the spark. After multiple hard resets it started working correctly for a short time now it is saying all the solenoids are open circuit. I have tested all the solenoids and they are working perfectly.
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Clicking off before scheduled time

paul hewitt
Updated at 2023-11-24 01:07:07 UTC 

This morning my retic was coming on the usual schedule but I noticed that it seemed to only be on for a few minutes instead of the set 30 mins.

The system said it was watering but it had turned off. I set a station manually for 10 minutes and after approx 4.5 mins it clicked off at the controller but the app said it was still running. I tried another station and it has the same issue ie it is set to run for 30 mins but clicks off after 4.5 mins but the app says it is still watering. I then waited for the next scheduled station to turn on at 8.50am and it clicked on as usual but after approx 5 mins it clicked off but app said it is still running.

I reinstalled the app and that didn't work so then did a hard reset but I still have the same problem.

I can't figure out why the controller is clicking off but the app says it is still watering.

Any ideas?


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Zone failure to run

Homestead One
Updated at 2023-10-09 08:30:37 UTC 

Hi, I have one out of 4 zones who won't start watering. I have changed the valve and the problem still persist. I have checked the connections and the cables, all looks good. There is voltage. 

Any ideea? 

Thank you 

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